Vacuum Formed Plastics & Plastic Fabrication

Our Services

Design and Development
Utilising the services of award winning industrial designers, we offer our clients a full design and...
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Tooling And Manufacturing
There’s an old saying in plastic molding; the quality of the molded part is directly proportional to
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Fabrication & Assembly
Here at Transformed Plastix we offer finishing services to clients who may require fabricated elemen...
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Single Sheet Vacuum Forming
Single sheet vacuum forming is a process wherein a sheet of material is heated to a semi-molten stat...
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Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming
Twin sheet vacuum forming is a process that enables two sheets of material to be formed on two diffe...
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CNC 3 Axis and 5 Axis Trimming
CNC stands for computer numeric control which is a term invented to describe the codes (generated by...
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