Vacuum Formed Plastics and Plastic Fabrication

Transformed Plastix offers clients a full range of vacuum formed plastics services using some of the most technically advanced plastic thermoforming and plastic fabrication equipment available.

When compared to other types of plastic component manufacturers such as injection moulding and rotational moulding, vacuum forming has many benefits – particularly for low volume production runs or large plastic parts, through reduced tooling costs and time to market without compromise to dimensional accuracy, finish and quality.

Vacuum Formed Plastics

There are many applications for plastic thermoformed components:

  • Product facias, housings and enclosures
  • Materials handling components – tote trays, dunnage and lightweight pallets
  • Large tubs and shipping containers for packaging
  • Interior trims, vehicle panels and architectural features.

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Vacuum Formed Plastics & Plastic Fabrication

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