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Kim Michael WilsonManaging Director


Kim has been involved in Industrial sales, business development, and marketing from the age of 17. He is experienced in:

  • The Hire Industry
  • Managing Director of 50+ staff in the UK
  • Welding & Metal Finishing
  • Set up European distribution of welding products
  • Power transmission and bearing technology
  • Conducted distributor sales development
  • Plastics and distribution
  • Responsible for recruiting and training sales teams
  • Automotive OEM & Aftermarket
  • Development of marketing resources
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Transformed Plastix has been delivering top quality plastic fabrication solutions since 1999, with our qualified and dependable team working hard to deliver each of our customers with a reliable and premium product, as well as lasting value for money.

Our comprehensive development and design methods help to cut down on production and manufacture times, as we are able to avoid the need for a lengthy prototyping process, while still providing a high standard quality services.

Transformed Plastix have an eclectic range of employees. They have skills to 3D print, programme robots, run single and twin skin theromoforming machines, read engineering drawings, do CAD designs and use our CAM systems to upload programmes directly into our Robotics and CNC.

We offer our staff flexible working conditions to allow them to also develop their own passions which range from ruinning 3D printing and modelling, managing and being the lead singer in a rock band, exploration, motorcyle customisation, computer gaming and vinyl record collecting.

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