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Car Mats

We are proud to be associated with the Vehicle Interior mat protection system known as Bedrock.

Manufactured from a custom designed blend of Thermoplastic Elastomer with due layer technology, providing under mat coefficient technology to reduce mat movement, experimentation was conducted to calculate material shrinkage in order to allow for the correct design brief for tooling.

This product is manufactured for dual and single cab utility trucks and is expanding into the larger SUV markets.

They are a proud Australian owned company, the range is built with quality first and foremost. 100% Australian manufactured product.

The concept for this programme commenced in 2016/17 with product R&D and marketing concepts being worked upon on a daily basis by Transformed Plastix and the client to develop a product design brief fit for purpose.

The mats were designed to cater for the rigors of the outback of Australia and constant off road use but having a luxurious appearance making them suitable for the daily drive and family car not just for the weekend warrior or the extreme environments when in use in vehicles used by the military, and the mine and quarry industry.

Transformed Plastix initially arranged the introduction of the design engineer and  provided scanning services, to allow the development of product CAD drawings from scans provided, the project was complex due to the three dimensional shapes in the cab of a vehicle, the mats having to fit snugly and not cause any interference to the driver or passenger’s while in operation, also being perfectly designed to take advantage of the OEM vehicle mat mounting points.

Transformed designed the tooling in a way to allow for a quick change over between models, and flexibility to run tools in multiple machines without major changes, “Trans-dock” is our own proprietary design, and reduces tooling investment when multiple tools are required.

Promoting easier tool changes, and reducing manufacturing down times.

Continuing our own R&D and development around this programme we have developed Trans-heat which allow for pre heating of up to two tools at a time, reducing down tome while tools come to forming temperature.

Tooling was manufactured from billet aluminium, it is fully water-cooled to provide stable temperature conditions for thermoforming to provide consistent quality parts, too the desired specifications in high volume.

After initially hand trimming off tool samples of the parts, so the client could arrange test fitting of the prototype parts, to develop the agreed trim profile, we commenced the manufacture and development of custom vacuum trim jigs. After these were manufactured we developed a method of  robot trimming the product,  programming then commenced to provide the client full production parts to the same specification every time they are ordered.

Although a difficult brief to achieve, Transformed Plastix were able to meet all the design challenges and the Bedrock mats are now commercially available and are now successfully in use.

This process can be utilised to manufacture other products and we have recently been commissioned to develop a range of Tractor floor coverings.

Should you have any volume Marine, Caravan, Mass transit, Truck and Bus floor covering requirements contact Transformed Plastix for assistance.

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