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Equine Feed Bins

Equine Paddock and Feed bins “Formed from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene HMWPE” these high-quality feeders & bins are manufactured for Horserail Australia, the project started from a customer supplied sketch, the client conducted extensive market research to confirm their assumptions and develop a market overview identifying his customers requirements.

Reviews were also done to appraised the products currently offered for sale in the market, Duncan Equine has extensive expertise in the equine industry so bringing all this information together in a professional project brief was well within their capabilities.

This brief was used to monitor and develop the project plan, a range of designs were commissioned as 2D concepts, a decision was made as to which ones met the clients design brief.

Full drawings were ordered leading to 3D CAD dimensional drawings being produced, these were checked ensuring they met the brief and all the designed fittings would assemble and fit completing the range, the approved CAD was then submitted for tooling quotes.

Tooling orders were placed, once delivered they were used to manufacture prototypes, marketing samples for market evaluation and in field trials, the test results were extremely positive and the industry is now actively involved in purchasing these finished parts.

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