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Automotive Aftermarket

Replacement parts are automotive parts built or remanufactured to replace OEM parts as they become worn or damaged.  Or the sale of accessories to the dealer, wholesale, retail markets for custom modification of a standard vehicle.

Transformed Plastix have reverse engineered, from sample parts, interior components for vehicle restoration. This can be done by production of a fiberglass lift or scanning and production of CAD depending upon the volume and customer quality requirements.

Recently Transformed Plastix have worked on contract manufacturing projects to: 

  • Manufacture restoration and replacement car interior parts 
  • Vehicle floor coverings for tractor, bus, boat, caravan, and van 
  • Rear door brawler set components for police vehicles 
  • Wheel arch flares
  • Second battery cover for emergency vehicles

A recent aftermarket internal panel:

A Recent Aftermarket Internal Panel
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