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Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging is an important part of the production process; allowing industrial-grade goods, new capital equipment, and products to be protected while they are shipped and transported.  Packaging is required in a variety of shapes and sizes and has been manufactured in wood and plywood for many years.  Now wood is required to be fumigated for products being sent into export markets. 

Each product will have its own requirements when it comes to packaging, so it’s important to know which type of industrial packaging works best in any given situation; the packaging should be designed to both store and protect industrial goods.   Packaging is often purpose-built or specifically tailored to suit products that are used on a large industrial scale.  

These can be fabricated from sheet plastics and/or custom thermoformed from plastic depending on the volume and size required. Some companies are very keen to use recyclable products to make this packaging, all our plastics are fully recyclable.  An alternative is to use returnable packaging that can be used one way and then flat packed for return.  A good example of this is our engine pack or the IBS powder box package. 

Industrial Packaging
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