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Motor Drive Coupling Covers

Coupling is a component used to connect a drive shaft and a driven part.  For example, a motor shaft and a ball screw, fan, conveyor, for the purpose of transmitting the torque. Also, coupling introduces mechanical flexibility providing misalignment for the shafts.

Many fabricated covers or guards are manufactured by companies to protect the operators from the moving parts, which are often moving at high rotational speeds. These tend to be made of steel and are heavy, sometimes they have mesh in them so you can see the coupling while rotating.

Gearboxes and fans are often coupled with a coupling mechanism. The couplings are lubricated and often have replacement wear, parts, bushings, or elements requiring maintenance.  Couplings are also aligned to reduce motor and shaft vibration. Covers are required to be removable to ensure routine maintenance takes place.

Transformed Plastix have worked on many projects to create covers which are made from plastic and are thermoformed to shape.  Very strong impact resistant polyethylene is used, it is 50% lighter than steel allowing one maintenance engineer the ability to remove and conduct maintenance.

Transformed Plastix have also made some specialised coupling covers from Polycarbonate so there is an ability to see exactly what is happening with the coupling during operational conditions.

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