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Plastic Pallets

Transformed Plastix offer a standard single skin, plastic pallet for export or light component shipping as an alternative to wood or treated wood. These pallets are:

  • 100 % recyclable and can be ground up and turned back into a new pallet
  • Have more than 10 years life span
  • Resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis 
  • Safe to handle, no screws nails, splinters, and chipping
  • With specially produced PE-100 resins we can extend life to 50 years – the only proviso is you have excellent forklift truck management.  No pallet wood or plastic can withstand a FLT high impact
  • Can be manufactured with antimicrobial plastics for assisting in the control of bacteria
  • Easy clean
  • We can offer closed loop cleaning and or antibacterial spraying

Transformed Plastix can convert your problems into concept designs and then provide practical solutions in single skin or twin skin configurations.

We have designed a range of quality products for our customers with specialised application such as a reusable engine pack for Holden and a self-supporting rack-able storage pallet for Toyota.

The items we have worked with range from pallets, pallet boxes, cages, stackable bins, twin skin ice bricks design, reuseable engine or motor covers, custom red line area pallets, and many more various custom products for businesses. 

Transformed Plastix can provide finite engineering analysis, detailing the static and dynamic load carrying capacity of a pallet.  This is available for our existing products and any new pallet design you may have.

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