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Red Line Product Movement Pallets

Any modern Dairy Company has safe manufacturing processes. 

The production area is a closed loop system RED LINE area, where the company must maintain cleanliness and not introduce external contaminants, keeping the area hygiene safe.

Wooden pallets are notoriously bad for transmission or breeding bacteria, soaking up moisture, depositing splinter and metal contaminants from nails and nail head shavings, and they are prone to breaking.

Plastic is the correct solution incorporating:

  • Antimicrobial plastics for assisting in the control of bacteria
  • No recesses and dimples or honeycomb areas, making it easy clean and removing areas that powder or products can build up and cause contamination
  • We can offer closed loop cleaning and or antibacterial spraying should they leave and need to return to the red line area
  • Designed with rodent control in mind – no recesses just flat surfaces
  • Excellent static and dynamic load capacity allowing them to be stackable and stacked higher than cardboard
  • PE-100 polyethylene food grade material with up to 50 years life expectancy
  • Boxes are Food FDA approved Polypropylene
  • Twin skin design is strong and durable

 Plastic pallet and boxes provide companies with a “More Hygienic Way” to ship products around their own facility within the production area.

We offer IBC options and full-size rack-able solutions, all in plastic.  Some questions to consider:

  • What do you require?
  • How many do you use?
  • What is your wooden pallet pool?
  • Do you use bulk powder bags or boxes we can help with a high-quality plastic solution?

Our products can be stacked and collapsed after use for off season storage. If you store bulk powder, then our solution does not expose the box to contamination.  Its fully enclosed which means no area for powder spills to stick, and no bug or rodent nesting recesses.

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