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Shipping Layer Boards

Transformed Plastix offer packaging solutions instead of cardboard/paper separators.  These products are used for a wide range of industrial products; such as separating glass jars, bottles, drink cans, bricks, and pavers.

Transformed Plastix generally offer these as an extruded plastic sheet CNC cut to the specific design. As established Thermoformers, we have excellent contacts for extruded materials from around the world, which has provided us with the knowledge to offer layer boards extruded with two layers of materials to allow for compression and a friction area to stop inadvertent product spills. Transformed Plastix use this co-extrusion capability to extrude sheet for thermoforming into food grade pallets that can grip onto convey chain drives.

One order used a large press to press out the board in one stamping, this was done in conjunction with the material extruder.  

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