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Portable Toilet Project

Transformed Plastix successfully completes largest Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming project ever undertaken in Australia
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The project, to design and manufacture high-quality Portable Toilets, had several difficult technical problems to solve in both the tooling design and construction the like of which had not been attempted before in the Vacuum Forming Industry in Australia.

Calling upon several consultants and industry experts in America Transformed Plastix was able to develop leading-edge tooling techniques which provide very high quality and dimensionally consistent manufactured components.

The Twin Sheet walls, door frame and door are all fitted to a rotational molded base and topped off with a single sheet vacuum formed roof panel. The consistency of components is essential for the trouble-free construction of the toilet cabinet.

The largest panels measure 1950mm x 1050mm and are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. Without high-quality tooling with even temperature control and consistent manufacturing techniques, it would be impossible to keep a large component such as the wall panel undistorted and dimensionally stable.

Utilised on both building sites and at major public outdoor events, the twin sheet panels offer significant advantages over traditional designs in both robustness and levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

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