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Flood and Drain Tray

Transformed Plastix is the name to trust for prompt and professional services in manufacturing flood and drain traysfor your processing equipment, nursery or commercial garden.

Flood and drain is a common gardening technique that involves pumping a nutrient rich solution into a tray containing the saplings and plants, before this solution drains away. It is collected below the tray and cycled through the system again, with the assistance of a pump set to a timer.

Professionally Manufactured Flood and Drain Tables

The team here at Transformed Plastix the latest in single skin & twin sheet vacuum forming technology to create tough and reliable flood and drain trays for our customers.

We do not deliver sub-par products, or items that have been rushed through their production process. We take the time needed to properly design and develop each product, ensuring our customers receive unbeatable service and lasting value for money.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our manufacturing process and price range.

Flood and Drain Tables Made to Your Specifications

No matter the size or scale of your equipment, garden or nursery, you can count on the experts here at Transformed Plastix to create flood and drain trays to comfortably house and support all saplings and plants.

This system of gardening also removes the need for soil and helps to create an oxygen rich environment around the trays.

All products we manufacture meet the same high standards of quality and functionality, meaning our customers can be sure to get years of use out of each tray we deliver.

Turn to Transformed Plastix for Quality Hydroponic Float Trays

When it comes to finding tried and tested production services for hydroponic float trays, and a wide range of other plastic goods, clients across the local area and interstate know to call on the qualified team from Transformed Plastix.

The business has been an industry leader since 1999, under new management since 2018, and is one of the only Australian companies able to manufacture large twin-sheet vacuum-formed components and products.

We can complete even the largest orders in a short period of time, delivering quality, highly durable products to our customers.

Leading Suppliers of Durable Hydroponic Float Trays

The true benefit of hydroponic float and drain trays is that once the saplings are removed the tray can be used again and again, with just a quick wash all that’s needed to prepare it.

That is why customers turn to Transformed Plastix for the manufacture of these popular gardening tools. Our products are built to last, ensuring you can always rely on them to function as they should, even after countless uses.

So if you are in need of a range of hydroponic float and drain trays, then talk to the sought-after manufacturers here at Transformed Plastix. Call 03 9775 1482.

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