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Returnable Dunnage & Packaging

Every industrial manufacturer has a unique and customised range of parts, with each playing an important role in the safe and efficient operation of the production line. All of these components require specialised packaging to ensure they can be transported without any risk of damage.

Here at Transformed Plastix we can manufacture returnable packaging and dunnage for a range of industries, developing tailored solutions to suit different parts or components.

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Easy to Use and Returnable Packaging Solutions

Transformed Plastix has been in business since 1999, so there is little wonder why we are a sought-after name for quality returnable packaging solutions. These include pallets, storage boxes, collapsible after use for return to sender, closed loop manufacturing system.

We use innovative plastic fabricating techniques to develop products perfectly suited to the needs and specifications of our clients. No matter what they need to store, shelve, transport or pack, we can design and develop the right piece of returnable packaging to get the job done.

Tried and Tested Reusable Packing Solutions

No matter what industry you belong to, when you’re in need of reusable and returnable packaging solutions, you can’t go past Transformed Plastix.

Our knowledgeable team uses top-quality American, Italian and German equipment to create durable and functional plastic products, including packing solutions, that provide years of reliable service to our clients, and strong return for their investment.

We can fill even the largest order in a short amount of time, running two twin skin rotary machines, with no compromise on the quality or performance of any item.

Returnable Packaging Solutions Tailored to Any Job

Transformed Plastix is the leading company in Australia that can deliver twin-sheet vacuum-formed materials and products to its clients.

We use this technique to manufacture high-quality returnable packaging solutions, made to suit the needs of each individual client and the demands of their products or industry. Our team can develop packing products that will keep your goods safe and secure throughout their time in storage or transit, and ensure they arrive intact.

The Go-to Name in Reusable Packing Solutions

Sustainable and reliable, the reusable packing solutions provided by the team here at Transformed Plastix can help to limit the amount of waste and single-use items associated with transporting or warehousing your products and goods.

Each packing product is built to last, with our team using proven methods to develop tailored solutions for each client that they will be able to make use of again and again, cutting down on landfill and their overall costs.

For more information on our services in returnable packaging solutions, simply give us a call today on 03 9775 1482.

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