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Tailgate Protectors

Over the course of its life, your vehicle goes through quite a lot. Because of this, it can easily become worn or damaged and potentially cost you a sizeable amount to repair or replace it when you wish to sell or return to the lease company.

Your tailgate can be protected thanks to the “TAILMATE” & “TAILBUDDY” devices ( Manufactured by the team here at Transformed Plastix, these products will help to protect your vehicle’s tailgate from serious damage. We can help you develop vehicle and wheel arch protectors to fit any vehicle, helping to defend your vehicle range against frequent off-road use or the heaviest loads.

Professionally Designed and Manufactured Vehicle Protection, for your Car, Truck, Bus and Caravan

The team here at Transformed Plastix utilise the very best in Italian, German and American plastic fabrication equipment to provide leading tailgate protector solutions to all clients.

No matter what type of car you have we can provide a range of vehicle protection products that will fit securely and comfortably inside or externally on your vehicle, helping to prevent wear and tear as well as marks and scratches.

You won’t find any one-size fits all solutions with our team, only top-shelf products that are designed to provide years of unbeatable service.

Keep Your Car Safe with a Custom Set of Vehicle Protectors

Don’t scratch or dirty up your car when you’re loading something in our out, let a durable tailgate boot and bumper protector take the brunt of the work.

You’ll not only be protecting whatever it is you are transporting in the back of your vehicle, but also the resale value of your car, with a lower amount of marks and scratches helping to elevate its value.

Since 1999 Transformed Plastix has been a trusted name for plastic fabrication and manufacturing solutions, including for tough and reliable tailgate protectors for all vehicles.

Invest in a Tough Protector

Transformed Plastix is the only Australian plastic fabricator that can deliver products made through twin-sheet vacuum-forming, and is proud to be recognised as a go-to name for customised and lasting vehicle protectors.

Whether you are looking for a few for your own car, or a larger order for a company fleet, then we can help. Our team uses the latest modelling techniques to cut down on the time needed for prototyping, and ensuring our customers receive their order that much sooner.

Protectors Made by Our Industry Leading Team

So when it comes to finding the right vehicle protection for your vehicle, make sure you speak to the expert team of manufacturers and designers here at Transformed Plastix.

Call us today on 03 9775 1482 for all service enquiries, or to speak with a member of our team about the difference that Transformed Plastix can make for any fabrication project.

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