Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming

Twin sheet vacuum forming is a process that enables two sheets of material to be formed on two different tools at the same time. Whilst the material is in its semi molten state and in contact with the tools, the sheets are brought together, subjected to 100 tonnes of pressure which welds the two sheets together in strategic locations. This process produces a component which is hollow in section and can be designed to be a load bearing element.

Twin sheet vacuum forming offers many advantages over other manufacturing methods for hollow form plastics.

  • The ability to design structural components.
  • Two different colours and gauges of material can be used in the process.
  • Inserts can be used in the cavity of different materials (steel, timber or plastic profiles) to increase load capacity and torsional stiffness.
  • Hollow sections can be filled with polyurethane foam for additional load bearing capacity or insulation properties.
  • High definition of formed components.
  • In comparison to rotational molding twin sheet forming can process many and varied materials, faster cycle times and produce parts with high dimensional accuracy with little distortion.

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