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The Tailmate

Australian made and owned with Patent Pending Globally, Tailmate brings you the ultimate full tailgate protector innovation to the automotive industry. 

Transformed Plastix have been part of this project from the outset. 

The complex nature of some of these parts to be formed from HMWPE with double undercuts was a brain teaser, it caused both the client and Transformed multiple sleepless nights. R&D experimentation was carried out to prove proof of concept, to develop a manufacturing process fit for purpose. 

Several tool designs were commissioned in miniature to do this level of R&D, once a successful solution was developed a design brief was agreed. 

Transformed Plastics project managed this product from the offset to its conclusion, and we are proud to be associated with Tailmate on an ongoing basis, to develop new products and experiment with new materials for the USA markets. 

We introduced into the tooling designs a piece of our own Intellectual Property “Trans-Cool” it’s the way we do it. 

The design brief, systems and relationships are now in place allowing multiple tools to be commissioned to grow the product line exponentially. 

Transformed Plastix are a leading industry innovator regarding the thermoforming of polyethylene having a proven track record, know-how, and many finished product samples to demonstrate this capability. 

We find innovative methods to form products with multiple undercuts and we would be please to hear from you if you have any project which falls into these categories.

View Videos: The Tailmate – The Best Tailgate Protector | The Tailmate – How to Install in Less Than 15 Min

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