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Wheel Arches

Transformed Plastix offer an automotive solution for wheel arche extension system “fender flair”.

The project, to design a fender flair for the 4X4 Toyota Hiace van for a motor industry design company based in Melbourne to provide extended wheel arches to cater for the extra wide wheels required for the off road use of the vehicle in the mine and quarry environment.

We provided CAD design services from scans provided, the wide nature of the wheels and proximity of the door and front door hinge made the design complex, so 3D printed components were manufactured to prove concept, of the geometric configuration, required.

Transformed manufactured the components from a custom made ASA sheet which offered Ultra Violet protection without the need for paint, and a material surface finish to assist in scratch prevention.

Tooling was manufactured from cast aluminium, fully water-cooled to provide stable thermoforming temperature conditions to provide consistent quality parts, too the desired specifications.

After hand trimming and test fitting prototype parts a trim profile was developed.

Trim jigs were duly manufactured and CNC programming commenced to provide the client parts to the same specification every time they are ordered.

Although a difficult brief to achieve, Transformed Plastix were able to meet all design challenges and the fender flair is now successfully in use.

Do you import or customise vehicles requiring you to offer extended wheel arch’s or fender flairs?

Are you find flairs are not available to a standard you desire, or your vehicle is too new and aftermarket parts are not yet available ?

preventing you from customising your vehicle for your customers, or developing a special edition version, If so contact Transformed Plastix for assistance.

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